Recently, concern about tree conservation has become an issue in Hong Kong. Many people have tried to protect Wall Trees on Hong Kong Island that are being threatened because of development. During the Chinese New Year especially, the message of protecting the Wishing Tree in Lam Tsuen was widely spread when its survival was threatened by bundles of red paper "josses" caught in its branches. It is definitely important to put our effort forward to protect such unique trees in Hong Kong.

Since the 90's, The Conservancy Association has been working on tree conservation. Now, in 2006, CA is launching an exciting programme on tree conservation, called "Tree Lovers". Once you join this programme, you become a "Tree Lover" who can participate in a series of activities related to tree conservation, including seminars, field trips and a 2-month green spotting exercise held on Hong Kong Island. "Tree lovers" will learn knowledge about trees and skills for identifying health problem of trees. The most important aspect of this project, however, is to raise awareness on tree conservation and to develop hearts that appreciate trees and nature. We are now conducting a large scale Tree Survey to investigate the general states of urban trees in Hong Kong and the result will be announced in the end of 2007.